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Anton Micallef is a fifth generation lawyer whose predecessors include leading academics, lawyers and public notaries.

Over the last three decades Anton Micallef has developed an international corporate practice advising Governments, Global Companies, International Financial Institutions and Internationally Successful Entrepreneurs conducting cross border business transactions within the major financial centres of the European Union, the Middle-East, Asia and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

A typical client is one that does not wish to instruct and manage teams of lawyers to handle a commercial transaction across multiple jurisdictions or to undertake a task spread across several unknown territories or new markets.

Clients look to Anton Micallef as a sole point of contact to cover a broad range of corporate and advisory services including strategy formulation alongside traditional legal services.

Instant response, availability and a proactive approach are key elements to ensure an effective, efficient and reliable delivery of counsel, service and strategy formation when addressing issues and challenges within rigid deadlines.

Clients are assisted on a 24/7 basis regardless of their time zone, business base or subject-matter location.


Anton Micallef LL.D., Ph.D. (Lond.)


+44 (0)7789 557 236